SEO: How to help startups drive customer growth

How Startups Can Leverage SEO to Drive Customer Growth

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Venture capital was $621 billion. It was used for funding startups looking to raise funds. More than 50%Advertising received the majority of funding.

Problem? People hate ads. The use of anti-advertising technologies has increased year after year. Even worse, 68%Google, Bing or Yahoo can help you find a range of internet experiences. Only 6% results in an advertisement click.

If you are spending all of your startup’s money on paid advertising, then you’re losing out on many SEO-driven customer growth opportunities. Three key methods you can leverage SEO to boost customer growth in your startup are:

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1. Regularly publish keywords-driven content

Make sure to provide useful content. This is key to getting organic search engine traffic. This all starts with understanding your reader’s needs and providing the necessary information to solve their problems.

Startups often post unoptimized content on their sites that isn’t relevant to their target market. This is not the same blogging that was 10 years ago. Blogs are not meant to be a replacement for a journal. It is possible to target specific searches that customers frequently use.

Keyword research is key to SEO’s success. These keywords help to identify potential traffic sources around phrases and keywords that relate to your product. The product recommendations will influence someone looking to build bookshelves. If the job is difficult, they may need to hire a contractor.

Optimizing search engines is all about crafting keyword-driven content that targets your ideal customer. For research into topics of interest to your customers, you can use tools like Ahrefs (or Semrush) To address these issues, create blogs or other pieces of content. If you post at least five to ten pieces per month, your website will see a lot of traffic.

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2. Maximize the public knowledge you have

Entrepreneurs may have difficulty creating new content. There are many responsibilities and roles that a leader in a startup has. Every day, your job title changes. SEO is one of the best ways to boost your visibility if you work for a tech startup.

This knowledge base allows you to find out more about your market, solve your problems, and learn more about the products that are available. Maybe your software helps companies manage logistics or warehouses. You already have key information in your knowledge base that can be used to draw organic traffic and searches. It’s possible to use the information that you give to increase traffic to your site.

Use your keyword research tool to enter the keywords you are familiar with. To check for missing topics or keywords, Verify that the knowledgebase can be indexed by search engines and is not stored in user portals or back-end systems.

This information should not be restricted to customers and those seeking help. It can be made available to the general public, and indexed by search engines. You will get more traffic to your site.

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3. Generate niche digital PR coverage

SEO is dependent on digital PR. Digital PR includes promoting your startup in digital publications and sharing information about the industry on podcasts. Use digital PR to boost your SEO rank, organic searches ranking and many other things.

Interviews or podcasts published in print publications, expert sources for journalists or other digital PR outlets can lead to a mention of the brand or backlink that directly improves your website’s authority. This can help you improve your ranking in search engines and attract more people to your site.

These actions can build brand awareness, increase traffic to your website, and help with referral traffic. Too many startups get caught up in the trap that they don’t understand the basic concepts. PR doesn’t mean getting listed on TechCrunch or being among the 30 Under 30.

It is possible to go to niches that are more likely to have customers and to engage with them. It is possible to start looking for the top blogs. [industry]”and “top [niche] companies.” By identifying 50-100 websites, media firms, and startups, you can cross-promote.

Write a blog article. They can be interviewed on your podcast. Instead of trying to be published in the most prominent publications, you should connect with your audience. You will get more attention and be more accepted for your pitch.

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