Salvo Agency founders Oladipo Victor and Saviours Danny Launch Academy for Empowering 500 Entrepreneurs

Salvo Agency Co-founders, Oladipo Victor and Saviours Daniel Launch Academy to Empower 500,000 Entrepreneurs


By Fadekemi Ajakaiye

Oladipo Victor & Saviours Dan, cofounders of Salvo Agency have created an Academy that will empower 500,000 entrepreneurs around Africa and the globe.

Air Money Academy is the online platform to learn from entrepreneurs living in Africa or abroad. This platform provides affiliate marketing services and advice for course creators.

The Academy was inaugurated by Saviours Daniel, who stated that they have done extensive research into the challenges faced both course creators as well affiliate marketers. 

He said, “Growing up as someone who got to know about internet marketing early on and spending nearly half of our life online has empowered us with indescribable marketing skills and experience.
“Being confident of our abilities, My partner, Oladipo Victor and I co-found Salvo Agency Int’l, the Nigerian-based marketing agency to help individuals and businesses bootstrap their ideas into products, and also help with their entire marketing strategy.

“Having worked with newbie course creators, local big names and international clients as a sales consultant, head of sales and marketing, We’ve discovered parts which seem mountainous to many course creators. We are shocked at the errors made by course creators, and we want to rectify them. If you live in this part of the continent and you’re familiar with course creation, you would have known that it’s the latest trend that has been continually creating fortunes for those that could tap it. Numerous challenges face amateur and aspiring course designers. Even, many so-called experts are also struggling to scale through in some aspects,” Daniel explained.

“As a creator, you definitely  need to validate your course idea. You can’t make any money without knowing what your audience’s needs are – which means you can’t sell your course if nobody desires to buy it.

“So, after experimenting with the Africa internet markets at large, we launched a research scheme to have a verified knowledge of the real problem and appropriate solutions needed. That made us come up with a community that focused completely on thwarting the challenges and helping course creators and affiliate promoters gain indispensable knowledge and make more money online.”

Oladipo Vic provided some insight into Academy’s operation, saying that the platform will be beneficial for entrepreneurs in the future and now.

He said, “When it comes to creating comprehensive and sold-out courses that crack the puzzle, there are various actionable steps that need to be followed. You must validate your course concept and arrange the contents. The offer must also be priced. It is important to identify people who can help you market your product.

“They are individuals that help course creators to put their product in front of the right audience that needs them, and get rewarded for every performing action taken by the audience. Over time, it has become clear that this business model is not easy to put into practice and it is often dismissed as a fraud by a minority of people interested.

“This unavailability of affiliates is terribly affecting the course creators because a few portion of the target audience is being reached. The result is that the expected sales will be lower. We have sat silently and not done anything. We are now taking massive action to bring 500,000 people out of the grip of mediocrity and fear where they wallow to where they make an inconceivable amount of money online legitimately,” Oladipo explained. 

“We’re now launching a community to help train course creators, and affiliate marketers make more money with the business they know; and we’ll also be recommending products that will help business owners make more money with their businesses.”

They also announced that they will be focusing on 10 African entrepreneurs for their initial venture. It includes Nigeria, Ghana Liberia Cameroon, Kenya and Nigeria.

“In the first 12 months of launching this community, we’re undoubtedly looking to onboard 500,000 (five hundred thousand) subscribers of course creators and affiliate marketers in Africa and diaspora and then reach out for another milestone.
“We will subsequently spread our wings to other African countries including the sub-saharans.” they said.


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