Role of big data in digital marketing

Role of big data in digital marketing

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Marketing is a way to reach potential customers and make them aware of your product or service. It can convince them that your product is better than your competitors’ and leaves them with no second thoughts when buying your product. For any company, marketing is vital. Running If you own a business, it isn’t your job to run it. 

With evolving business trends and the environment, traditional marketing techniques have been replaced with “digital marketing.” Digital marketing simply means marketing your product using the internet as a medium. 

Digital marketing can help companies grow and reach more people. It is also easier and cheaper than traditional methods. This can only happen if you use digital marketing to its maximum potential. 

It’s not a new concept, and the industry is constantly evolving. Marketing beyond social media platforms and websites is important for businesses. 

Marketing — in its conventional form — requires using data to ensure success. And that is why famous author and social media scientist Dan Zarella says, “Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed.”

All you need to know. big dataIt is crucial in digital marketing.

What is big data?

Data ManagementAlso big dataCustomer data is vital for business.

The digital age data can be obtained from many sources and is endless. It is however scattered over many systems. Companies often find it difficult to consolidate the data. It is often difficult for companies to centralize this data in order to make it easily manageable. Data Warehouses Large databases (or a data lakeWhile all data is kept intact in their original format, they will all be saved together in one location. Many advanced technologies allow for the storage and management data.

Large data refers to a greater, more complicated set of data. This is especially true when the data originates from new sources. These datasets are so voluminous that traditional data processing software just can’t manage them.

These are the Vs of large data that make it easy to understand.

  1. Volume

As the name suggests, the quantity or volume of “big” data is enormous. It includes information about social media and point-of sales.

  1. Variety

Many data types make up large data. It can be found in one of three types: structured, semi-structured or unstructured.

  1. Velocity

Speed, according to the dictionary, means velocity. Big data is used in digital marketing to describe how quickly information can be created and stored. 

  1. Veracity

Truthfulness can be described as veracity. Veracity is big data. Big data refers to its quality, accuracy and credibility. All of it depends on the source data.

Big Data and Digital Marketing

“Without data, you are just a person with an opinion.”

 W. Edwards Deming

Digital marketing does not differ. Here is the thing – marketing is nothing without data. Marketing decisions that are based on data tend to be better. You can market your business using data.

Target audience

Hiring personnel to enhance your digital marketing efforts on various platforms, spending considerable time and energy on marketing efforts — everything can go to waste if you are not targeting the right audience. It would be difficult to find the right audience for your company if it was the 21st century. With the technology advancements available today, it is easier than ever to reach the right audience.

Big data analytics helps identify the correct audience. Gathering customer information about their browsing of apps and websites, interests, requirements and expectations — everything is possible with specialized software, whose functionalities can be summarized as a centralized view of your customers. These software are the results of many innovations. This software has many advantages.

Understanding customers

To determine the target audience, you first collect information about your entire audience. Then, gather information about only your target audience and then focus your efforts on improving the user experience. You can consider it an extension of the previously mentioned. This involves the collection of information to tailor marketing messages for customers.


You can use it in 2 different ways. It can be used to gather sales data and then use this information to determine the buying patterns of customers. You can also implement marketing strategies like discounts or special offers. If your big data marketing efforts are positive, you will see an increase in sales. 

This is hitting two targets with one arrow, as the business’s aim of increasing sales is accomplished, and the customers are also happy to receive unique offers.

Feedback mechanism

Big data and analytics allow companies to understand what customers think of their business. Posting frequently on social media is a key part of social media marketing. It can be very beneficial to analyze the data of the audience. This can give companies insight into their customers’ loyalty and engagement as well as their opinions about their company. 

Although various tools available on different social media platforms help analyze a business’s performance on social media, big data analytics give a deeper insight into the customer’s expectations and, thus, proves to be a good feedback mechanism.

Measurement of growth

Analytics with big data is a way to gather information that can help you market your product/service. Analytics can also be used by businesses to assess the effect of marketing campaigns on their company. The business then can compare the results it achieved with its marketing budget. Big data can be used before, during and after marketing campaigns. 

This will allow the business to track its performance using tangible data. This will enable it to correct its errors and demonstrate its success to its customers as well as its competitors.


Digital marketing cannot be ignored, and big data must be considered. It is as essential — and obvious — as salt is to food. With the constantly changing trends and online, business will continue to change. Businesses that can adapt to the changing environment of business will succeed in the long term. Digital marketing is not possible without big data. 

If a business has better knowledge of how big data works and can use it to its advantage, it will be more successful.

Mariia Lvovych, founder and CEO at Olmawritings. Continue reading.


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