Market for Law Firms: 7 Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them | Good2bSocial

Marketing for a Law Firm: 7 Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them | Good2bSocial

[author: Noreen Fishman]

Do you have a low return on investment despite all your digital marketing efforts. It might be time to reevaluate your digital marketing strategy in order to identify the issues that are causing your company problems. We’ve worked with law firms for decades and have consistently seen the same issues cause problems over and over. Here are the most common digital marketing mistakes we’ve seen over the years when marketing for a law firm.

1. A problem is an outdated website

Visitors will see if you have neglected your website. Your website can be difficult to use, out-of-date, or not mobile friendly. This could make it harder for clients to choose you. It is possible that your website was created many years ago. You may consider it to be an online brochure. But it might not be designed to attract leads. Even more common, many law firms don’t have the time to consistently draw insights from their website analytics and make changes based on what they’re learning. You might think that having a website that’s “up and running” is good enough, but your goal should be to use the website as a marketing tool. You will need to update the website regularly with new information and possibly even implement. Conversion rate optimization strategiesIt is possible to generate more leads

2. Online Reviews: Don’t Ask For (or Document) Online Review

Word-of-mouth is the lifeblood of the legal profession. In the old days, it’s how marketing was done. Today, those referrals still play a big role – but many of them happen online. It’s possible to view digital referrals, positive testimonials and testimonials as ongoing conversations between friends. It’s important that you put in the time to gather Reviews online. After the service has been completed, you should contact these people. Continue to make sure that your clients are happy with the work you do. Create case studies, and add positive testimonials to your site. You can build credibility by getting positive feedback from Facebook and Google. 

3. A lack of a defined audience

Advertising and marketing lawyers make some of the worst digital marketing mistakes. Ideal client identified. The old-fashioned methods of marketing to anyone who will listen and hoping something sticks simply doesn’t apply. Today’s digital avenues allow highly targeted marketing – the opportunity to reach individuals who are in need of your services, at the right time. Take the time to Create buyer personasBased on the data you receive from clients, these are imaginary representations of your ideal client. Then, make sure you’re keeping those personas top of mind when creating any digital strategies. 

4. Marketing data shouldn’t be evaluated

You’ve likely heard the term “data-driven decisions”. That’s a hot button in marketing for a reason. Most firms don’t make use of all the information they have to improve their marketing campaigns. It is important to collect data from your clients regularly, (we suggest quarterly). Google AnalyticsYou account, as well as any paid campaigns, social media platforms or inbound programs. Track progress against any objectives you’ve set, and look for trends. There will likely be areas where you find more resources should be spent, and things that aren’t working as well. Check everything, including email subject lines and copy for PPC ads. The test results will serve as your guide and help you plan for the next step. 

5. Not Understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We get it, SEOThis can be a difficult task. The constantly changing algorithms can feel like a moving target, but at a basic level, a search engine’s job is to return web results that address the searcher’s query. The higher that you appear on a search engine’s results page, the more visible your law firm becomes. The key ingredient in SEO is content. That doesn’t mean simply creating content is going to help you achieve your goal. Be thorough, have a plan for creating content, think about your audience and create a strategy. Keyword ResearchGoogle will rank you highly if you use the correct keywords and phrases. It isn’t rocket science. Our company has been hired by many companies to help them manage their SEO.

6. Social media should not be ignored

No matter your personal thoughts on social media, it’s a necessary component of any legal marketing mix. You can ignore, miss it or make mistakes. These can all be detrimental to your online marketing efforts, and could even hinder your growth. Your success is dependent on your communication skills. An agent with many years’ experience will help if you’re uncomfortable managing social media. 

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7. Lack of quality client-centric education content

Educational content is a powerful way to connect with customers. By creating content that offers solutions to their target audience’s pain points, firms are exemplifying that they’re leaders in their industry who understand potential clients’ needs. If a firm doesn’t have any educational content on its site, this will lower its credibility and its lawyers’ ability to demonstrate their knowledge and experience in the areas of practice.


Modern digital marketing strategies require constant improvement. You need to be constantly reviewing your analytics in order not to make common errors. We hope you can learn from these common digital marketing mistakes and correct course – or, even better, not make them in the first place. These mistakes can be avoided and will lead to a higher marketing ROI for law firms as well as more leads online.

This article has been updated and republished Oct 13, 2020


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