It’s Time to Prioritize SEO for Law Firms. Here’s Why. | Good2bSocial

It’s Time to Prioritize SEO for Law Firms. Here’s Why. | Good2bSocial

[author: Laurie Villanueva]

Does your law firm give Search Engine Optimization respect? The best tools for digital marketing are available to lawyers and law firms today. SEO is an effective tool. Make effective use of these tactics, and you’ll connect with potential clients just as they’re researching the very legal services you offer. Ignore SEO, and you’ll most certainly miss out on many – if not most – of the leads your firm needs to drive business development success. As a legal marketer, if you’re not already prioritizing SEO for law firms, it’s probably past time that you did.

SEO is for law firms

70% of legal consumers go online in search for lawyers

Based on ABAJournal.comAccording to research published in March, 70% of legal consumers used the internet for help with hiring decisions. Reviews and profiles are included.

But not all law firms follow suit. According to a poll conducted in December 2021, 60% said email is still their preferred way of communicating with leads. This despite the fact that email is their most effective marketing channel. About half of the companies acknowledged that SEO or social media had helped them win leads, but 17% did not make it a top priority.

It’s hard to know why so many law firms have yet to make the pivot to SEO. Possible explanations include: Some lawyers may hold an “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” mentality. These lawyers have used email marketing to get the results they need in the past.

Unfortunately, that’s not likely to be the case. SEO is an essential part of any law firm. More people use the internet to search for the services they need. Act now to close the SEO gaps in your firm’s digital marketing plan, and you’ll soon reap the benefits of higher search rankings and gain a significant advantage over your slow-to-act competitors.

You can drive law firm success beyond rankings

While SEO for law firms primarily aims to drive organic traffic by improving a website’s search rankings for relevant keywords, prioritizing search will also help your firm achieve its business development goals in several other important ways:

1. Improved User Experience

SEO extends beyond keyword research. Google’s search engine also gives a lot of weight to a website’s user experience or UX. But improving your site’s speed, interactivity, and accessibility won’t just help boost your rankings – it will also please your visitors. Prospects stay on your website longer when it’s optimized for UX, and they’re more likely to take other desired actions, such as opting in to your email newsletter or completing a contact form.seo for law firms

2. Get more content marketing

For success in search engine optimization for lawyers, you need to be a good content marketer. SEO for law firms is not possible without content marketing. Great content relevant to your target audience’s needs is also key to attracting the right visitors to your site and ultimately encouraging those visitors to hire your firm.

To learn more about how to create high-quality content, and improve search rankings, download the ebook. Search Engine Optimization on Law Firm Websites.

3. Authority can be improved by earning backlinks

SEO marketing will enable you to produce valuable content that other sites can use. View the search engines Backlinks of high quality as indicators of legitimacy and a signal that your site has something of value to offer, you’ll be rewarded with improved rankings. Your site can be re-linked to drive more traffic, which leads to better conversions and increased leads.

4. Your firm’s attorneys should be thought leaders

Because SEO enables more people to find your website, the valuable content you provide is more likely to be “liked” and “shared” on social media. As your content goes viral, your firm’s visibility and brand awareness will climb, and its attorneys will come to be viewed as experts in their fields of practice.

5. It is more trustworthy

SEO must encourage customers to leave reviews online. Your authority on search engines will rise as you receive more reviews. You will see an increase in search engine rankings. This will show potential clients that you are trusted and respected by them. Even a negative review can improve your credibility, provided you respond appropriately and demonstrate a good-faith effort to resolve the reviewer’s issues.


While there’s comfort in sticking with the tried and true, SEO is a must for any law firm looking to succeed in today’s increasingly competitive legal landscape. An essential SEO strategy can help law firms improve their ranking and get more organic traffic. It is also an excellent way to build brand recognition and credibility with your targeted audience. You and your attorney will be recognized as thought leaders in the field you practice.


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