How Agile Marketing is important


The concept of agile has been embraced by marketers as both a marketing method and a strategy. Can you adapt your marketing using agile?

Agile has evolved as a marketing tool. What was once a key attribute of agencies’ marketing has become a central part of the agency’s business in recent years.

Agile is about testing, iterating and learning. These principles are core practices and the foundation of Agile.

Failing quickly 

Fail fast. The idea behind this concept is that you should always test. When things don’t work, drop them quickly. Your products can be scaled up or distributed to a wider audience. 

Although it may seem negative, this phrase is actually true. The beauty in failing lies with efficiency. When you fail quickly, you’re actually assessing quickly. By throwing out what does not work, you can save money and time. If the campaign or feature doesn’t fail, then you’re ahead of the game since the work is already in-market. 

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Take a test drive and make a purchase in the market 

No matter the destination of their work, many Agile campaigns launch on social media. Targeted purchases on Meta platforms like Instagram and Facebook can be sufficient to give you an instant reality check as well as help develop a visual strategy or messaging approach or creative direction.

The real-time data of engagement is provided by comments and reactions. They provide immediate information which will allow you to determine if there are any optimizations or scaling needs. 

What Matters Most: The Metrics

In-market testing reveals what works — and what doesn’t — in a fast, effective way. Which metrics are most important? To measure barometers’ effectiveness, it is crucial to utilize metrics that are true to consumer behavior and real reactions.

They can be more valuable than surveys or customer focus tests. Real-life behavior often doesn’t match up with verbal responses. Actual actions — like clicks or purchases — are always more accurate and valuable. 

One key indicator for testing messaging in the marketplace is engagement. This allows you to take action and reveals the core message’s true reaction. 


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