Here are 4 ways to get SEO.

180 Marketing Founder: 4 Buckets to SEO

Jeff Oxford, founder and CEO at 180 Marketing Oregon, is Jeff Oxford. Oxford suggests that there are four main categories for search engine optimization. His emphasis is on link-building as the most crucial.

“The first [bucket] is link building from quality sites,” he told me. “You might have good content and a fast, mobile-friendly site, but you’ll likely not rank highly without backlinks.”

Oxford launched 180 Marketing in 2013 Now, the firm includes link builders and project managers.

Recent conversation was about SEO in 2022. The entire conversation is available below. The transcript was condensed to make it more concise.

Eric BandholzIs it a good idea for merchants to employ SEO?

Jeff Oxford Yes, although SEO doesn’t get the publicity it used to.

The official Google guidelines provide guidance on what to do to increase organic search results. You will find great content and an easily navigable website.

It is also known as black hat SEO. Black hat SEO involves keyword stuffing with invisible fonts.

There are four main categories of effective SEO. The first is link building. You might have good content and a fast, mobile-friendly site, but you’ll likely not rank highly without backlinks.

Content is next. To be organically ranked, merchants need to have original and well-written blogs. Never use manufacturers’ descriptions of products.

Next is page optimization — title tag, header tags such as H1 and H2, and image alt tags.

This is technically SEO. This is technically SEO. Search engines should find your website quickly and easily. Organic rankings in Google are now “mobile-first.” So a mobile-friendly site is critical.

Bandholz: Say I’m looking to outsource SEO. How can prospective companies be contacted?

Oxford:Ask your company about its backlinking process. Do they have examples of backlinking? Can they explain what their strategies and expectations are? Check out their content abilities.

Link building is vital. It’s hard to get other sites to link to you. Changing a site’s structure or content is relatively easy. Link building is not easy. It is difficult to attract backlinks. A newer website, with a lower domain authority, won’t rank well.

An SEO agency should perform keyword research in order to create a list with top topic ideas for content creation. A brief description of each query and the keywords that should be used is essential for SEO firms.

Bandholz:Are merchants able to make backlinks on their own?

Oxford:Products that are loved by people will attract backlinks. First, you must sell high quality products. It is possible for bloggers to review products. However, Google doesn’t permit the exchange of product reviews in return.

You can also guest post. A site with a good reputation is a good choice. In your article, include links to product pages. Final, contact the editor to discuss publication. It is risky to guest post. To make a blog into an article mill where guest writers can post, some people buy it.

You can also use podcasts. You might consider joining any of the popular podcasts in your industry. After the episode goes live, ask for a link.

You may be able to convert discount codes into hyperlinks. You can attract backlinks by sharing the code with other blogs and websites.

Bandholz:How can retailers learn SEO?

Oxford: Backlinko is the best place to find beginner-friendly SEO information. It provides easy-to-learn, useful SEO information for beginners — all free. Ahrefs is another valuable resource. They have an excellent blog with actionable information, as well as a YouTube channel that teaches concepts step-by-step.

Bandholz:Are listeners able to contact you via your website?

Oxford:The website for the Associated Press can be found here I’m on LinkedIn.


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