Fandifi Partners in Blockgration to Support Affiliate Marketing, Web 3.0 Initiatives, India, Philippines, Indonesia

Fandifi Partners with Blockgration for Affiliate Marketing and Web 3.0 Initiatives for India, Philippines and Indonesia

Vancouver, British Columbia–(Newsfile Corp. – May 31, 2022) – Fandifi Technology Corp. CSE FDM. (OTCQB FDMSF. (FSE TQ4). Blockgration Global Corp. (“Blocknation”) has agreed to represent affiliate marketing, according to “Fandifi” or “the Company”. Investors and businesses in the ecosystems of Blockgration have access to a digital platform that can provide liquidity. Blockgration provides enterprise clients solutions for many web 3.0 initiatives. It is vertically integrated and white-label.

Blockgration and Fandifi are expected to collaborate in this Agreement, which will facilitate business partnership.

Fandifi is a great opportunity to be partnered with BlockgrationTMYou have access to large demographic pools that are similar to gaming user pools and those who use blockchain. Blockgration currently has platforms in India and Indonesia. We have access to local markets and a strong network with partners. Fandifi will be able to expand its reach and collaborate closely with local partners in order to further grow the company. David Vinokurov, President of Fandifi and CEO states that we’re excited to partner with them and explore the amazing opportunities available in these markets.

About Blockgration

Blockgration can supply liquidity both for investors and businesses operating in its ecosystems. Blockgration provides a wide range of Blockchain-as-a Service (BaaS), which are tailored to each industry. Blockgration integrates several product-based operational applications to provide one-stop solutions for clients, investors and strategic partners.

About Fandifi Technology Corp.

FandifiTMThe company is currently developing a platform which combines crowd-based predictions with system generated ones and fan engagement. FandifiTMPlatform is powered by an associated neural net, which was designed specifically for content creators. They can improve their gamification skills and increase fan engagement within their communities regardless of the distribution method they use. FandifiTMYou can also use it! www.fandomart.comNFT Marketplace where rewards can easily be traded, bought or sold via an interoperable and blockchain-agnostic platform.


Additional Information

David Vinokurov
The President, Chief Executive Officer
Fandifi Technology Corp.
Phone: +1 604 266 6990

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